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Celestron Starry Night Software

Celestron Starry Night Software is the premier astronomy software package on the market, providing resources and knowledge to help you observe our solar system and thousands of other celestial objects. Starry Night Complete Space and Astronomy Pack (CSAP) is provided with every Celestron telescope. The version of Starry Night that you receive depends on the telescope you purchased; the Special Edition is included with most computerized telescopes, while most non-computerized telescopes include the Basic Edition. See the charts below to determine which version is included with your specific telescope.


Starry Night includes the following features:


  • Information about the best celestial objects to view based on your time and location

  • General information on astronomy and celestial objects
  • Detailed information about the night sky looks now, years ago, and into the future—perfect for planning the ideal time to view a celestial events from your observing site
  • For computerized telescopes bundled with Starry Night Special Edition, the software allows you to control your telescope via computer.
  • Learn how to take astroimages with Starry Night’s tutorials.


Starry Night Software is available on the following telescopes:


Special Edition Scopes


Basic Edition Scopes